Help is at hand for busy dog owners

Hate leaving your dog at home when you go off to work in the morning?

Are those big brown eyes watching you as you leave the house and then waiting for you again, ready for a walk, when you come back through the door at the end of the day?

No one can be in two places at once and while we’d all love to spend our days chilling with our furry friends, it doesn’t do much to pay the bills. And that’s where FitDog comes in. While you are hard at work, we make sure your dog has a good walk during the day.

Daily walks provide dogs with exercise and much needed mental stimulation. Dogs love routine and if they are walked at the same time each day, their learn to settle throughout the day as all is in order. Some dogs need a great deal of exercise and need to use up excess energy, other dogs like to go out for a mooch, see what has changed since the day before and whether sniffing the lamp posts will reveal any gossip.

When you come home in the evening, you will find a much more relaxed dog welcoming you home, with a healthy appetite to match.

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Going away for a few days?

​If you are going away for a couple of days or more, you may not want to put your pets in boarding kennels. They may take the couple of days to settle in and ideally you wouldn’t leave the house empty while you were gone.

Get in touch with FitDog and we will look after your pet while you’re gone. We can drop in during the day to walk and feed and pick up your post. We then return in the evening for another walk and can draw curtains and turn on lights so your home appears to be occupied while you’re away.

We can look after pets of any kind. Cats, for example, often don’t like to leave the home and so a drop in service is often a simple and ideal alternative.